New Discoveries

First time was not enough. We love it when our clients always return for another tour with us. But Estelle and her friends did not return to do a different tour, they came back to do the Skeleton Coast Tour again. This time the tour was a bit different as the first time they did the tour it was rainy season and the rivers all along the Skeleton Coast was in flood and an alternative route was made. It was a complete different route to the group and as Estelle always said good memories. As our Skeleton Coast also head inland towards Koakoland – and what is the Koakoland famous for? Its Lone men “Stone Men” and was this a surprise to Estelle… once we found the first Stone Men, Estelle’s eyes was searching the areas intensely for more Stone Men. We found a total of 8 Stone Men which made Estelle even happier. Estelle and friends we look forward to discover some more with you.