From The Sky To The Land

Vasileios is from Greece and an ex-pilot and wanted to try out something new. His very first expedition was with us to the Skeleton Coast National Park. Vasileios was a solo traveller who joined our tour group from South Africa. The first day we met all our travel partners Vasileios was the one walking between us all with his Go Pro and camera, which for us off course was best timing as later on in the tour we will not look this good anymore. Vasileios enjoyed everything about this tour, whenever you spotted him you see him with is camera or go pro. On the end of the tour he was everyone’s go to person for photos. What Vasileios did not expected was after the tour through the Skeleton Coast the tour continuous through Koakoland the area of the Ovahimba “Himba” tribe. This was the highlight to Vasileios. All this beautiful Himba women and men with their round shaped homes, we could not get Vasileios and his camera to stay in the vehicle to continue the tour. Vasileios we are waiting for you and your cameras to be take on your second expedition in Namibia.

Till next time.