Before 2002 Angola was the no go zone, a war-torn country suffering for more than 30 years of civil war. Time came to a stop as little foreign influence permeated, leaving a slight Cuban and distinct Portuguese flavor to the local culture and natural landscape. Grabbing this new opportunity on our doorstep in 2003 we struck deep into the unspoiled coastal regions and the hinterland covered with valuable equatorial rain forests and returned ever since to country. Angola is simply a fantastic experience. Here the bright smiling faces of people coming to greet you, is visible everywhere. Our wild camping spots are surrounded by vistas you will never forget. Come and experience with us this land, of diverse landscapes, from deserts to Rain Forests and fantastic rivers traversing the countryside and beautiful waterfalls. Here you find mountain escarpments with endless views over Africa, friendly traditional peoples, and spectacular beaches and its turquoise blue sea.

It is going to be a true wilderness expedition, but due to road conditions the tour plan below will serve only as a reference as progress can be slower or faster at times. The 30 years of war has broken down all the infrastructures in the country, but because of the land’s rich natural resources, development is going at a fast rate, with many international companies rebuilding Angola!

(20 Days | 19 Nights)

From N$19 000

Departure Dates:
Winter Seasons only

Group of 12 persons (For smaller groups price on request)