Different Ways To Take A Photo

Michael, Brigitte, Juerg & Stefanie is a group of friend from Switzerland who love to travel. This was not Michael and Brigitte first time to Namibia, but it was their first time doing a tour like this. They contacted us a year in advance to do a Skeleton Coast tour… good planning indeed. The tour was unforgettable to them and us, we had great laughs to all the moves, styles, shapes there was made when they took a photo. Everything, time, place and person was an opportunity to the friends to take a photo. Our pop up showers and toilets was also in the shot. Packing and unpacking our logistic vehicle too…. Those could not have been good photos, think about all those faces pulled with all the hard work going on. And off course the red vehicle named “bosluis” from their travel partners who gave the most problems on the tour was also in the photo shoot. For us it was not about how much photo’s the friends took but the way it was done to take a photo. Thanks Brigitte & Juerg for teaching us the right way to take a photo.